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Hybrid Events

What is a Hybrid Event? 

Hybrid refers to any event that combines some presenters and audience members in-person, as well as presenters and audience members joining virtually. 

Why use a Hybrid Format? 

Hybrid events provide you as planner an unlimited opportunity to increase your reach for attendees, and you may be able to access speakers/presenters who are otherwise cost (or geography) prohibitive. 

A FCC, we can use any platform you prefer, from Teams to Zoom or Encore’s Chime platform to name a few. 

Examples of hybrid event styles:

Video Conferencing Application: Common, consumer friendly applications for meeting in a hybrid setting. These applications feature light moderation. (Zoom Meetings, Teams, etc).

Live Streaming: For short, concise messaging in a one-way format. Often a chat feature is utilized. The simplest way to produce a virtual show, is to just stream it out from one location. This is great for news conferences or announcements 

Managed Webinar: For conducting small to medium sized events, with basic user engagement such as polling and content sharing. Webinars are moderated and offer added layers of production compared to a simple livestream. Webinars can bring together presenters and attendees, virtually. 

Virtual Conference Application: For all encompassing virtual events. A Virtual Conference App will vary in its complexity, and its budgetary requirements. They are designed to maximize user engagement as priority one. Once you decide on the level of engagement required, then you find the applicable platform. Chime Live is Encore’s proprietary platform is one example. Like most Virtual Conference Apps, Chime is scalable, and highly customizable. 

Get in touch with Kristina Brown for details about what format will work best for you!

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