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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of weather can I expect in Fredericton?

Fredericton is inland in comparison to other Atlantic Canadian cities, and is less likely to suffer the paralyzing storms that coastal cities may face. Fredericton enjoys higher summer temperatures, averaging around 2,000 hours of sunshine each year.

For current weather forecasts, visit the Environment Canada Fredericton forecast.

Are bilingual services available?

As Canada’s only officially bilingual province, New Brunswick benefits from a high ratio of bilingual residents. Approximately 50% of the FCC staff speak both official languages, and if you require additional service in French or access to translation we will make arrangements.

Is your building accessible?

The FCC opened in January 2011, and as a modern, convenient building it was built with accessibility in mind. Elevators, wide doorways and large washrooms are just a few of the items that make the FCC accessible to all delegates.

How are special dietary restrictions communicated?

The FCC events management team will gladly communicate any requirements to our culinary group. Our Chef has even been known to review the menu with guests to ensure they enjoy both a safe and delicious meal!

How much is parking?

Parking fees range from $1.00 per hour or less in the attached garage (depending on length of time purchased), to $1.75 per hour at nearby meters.  Meters and surface parking are free after 5:00pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Fees are subject to change. Please click here for additional parking information.

What is the closest available parking?

529 spots are available in the attached East End Parking garage, accessible from both King and Queen Streets. Click here for complete parking details.

What does ‘preferred’ supplier mean?

For your ease of planning, we have cultivated great relationships with suppliers, and they will work with you as though they are an internal service of the FCC – seamlessly. These are companies who work with FCC staff daily, and whose understanding of the building and local requirements is second to none. We believe they will provide you with a service level to match that of the FCC staff. However, they do not have exclusivity rights, and if you have a relationship with another provider we will help you welcome them to the Fredericton Convention Centre.

The only exceptions to the above are catering and rigging & electrical. The FCC maintains exclusive catering rights, and Encore have exclusive rights to all rigging & electrical. We are confident this arrangement provides you with the best experience in our facility, and that you will enjoy your experience with these providers.

Is seafood available year round?

Absolutely – while different varieties have different seasons, there is always something fresh close by and our catering team will work hard to fulfill your seafood desires.

Where can I arrange for a courier?

Our Executive Office team can help. Contact us!

Where can I rent a wheelchair?

The FCC has one wheelchair available for complimentary use, or please contact the executive office to coordinate the delivery of a rental.

What is the closest hotel to the Fredericton Convention Centre?

Almost 2000 rooms are available within 5 minutes of the FCC.  The Hilton Garden Inn is next door with an attached pedway. Directly across the street, literally a stone’s throw – you will find the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel. The Delta Fredericton is not far, located at 225 Woodstock Road. Click here for additional information on accommodations.

Are there any union restrictions?

The FCC is completely non-unionized, and you will find the staff willing to go the extra mile to ensure your event is a great success.

Can we provide our own catering services?

FCC provides full catering services through our exclusive catering provider. All food is prepared on site in our fully equipped kitchen, with an ‘our kitchen is your kitchen’ philosophy allowing us to work with you to ensure your catering experience is one to remember. External caterers are not permitted.

Can we provide our own audio-visual equipment?

Our preferred supplier, Encore has a full array of state-of-the- art equipment, and provide on-site support through their office and full time staff located at the FCC – essentially an extension of the FCC service philosophy. Outside suppliers are permitted as service providers, or your own equipment may be brought in. Charges may apply.

Does the FCC have a hotel shuttle service?

This service is not currently available in Fredericton. To arrange for private shuttle service based on your conference agenda, please contact your Event Manager who will be pleased to assist.

What time does the facility open each day?

We are open based on scheduled events and arrangements made directly with our guests for their unique needs. Our administrative office hours are Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm AST.

Does the FCC host weddings?

With large and medium-sized function rooms to suit groups of all sizes, the FCC is a wonderful location for all types of events, including weddings.

Can we supply our own sponsored or supplied food and beverage?

The FCC has exclusive food and beverage rights within the Convention Centre. Sponsoring organizations and/or exhibitors may distribute sample food and/or beverage only upon written request, pending authorization. A sample food and/or beverage authorization request can be obtained from your Event Manager.

  • Items dispensed are limited to products manufactured, processed or distributed by exhibiting firms.
  • Food & Beverage sample items should be related to the nature of the event.
  • All items are limited to 'sample size'.
  • Sample or promotional items may be subject to a Loss of Revenue charge.
  • Food and Beverage items used as traffic promoters (e.g. popcorn, coffee, bar service) must be purchased from the FCC catering department.

Is there WiFi available at the FCC? 

FCC is pleased to provide free wireless for all delegates. Click here for more information.

How far in advance should I confirm my menus and details?

To ensure a seamless and customized event, we recommend that your menu selections and set-up/technical details are confirmed one month prior to the event's start date.

Our organization/event wants to be as ‘green’ as possible. What are the FCC’s green options and extra fees?

It’s no accident that the FCC logo has green as a primary colour! The Fredericton Convention was built to achieve LEED Certification standards, with green principles in mind in every aspect. A healthy air environment, green cleaning supplies, capturing rain water for use in low flow toilets, self-serve water stations and ‘auto-off’ lighting systems are just a few examples of how we live and breathe green business standards. Our ideas for how to green your meeting may provide additional suggestions to ensure your event is gentle on the earth, such as choosing local food options and sourcing green ways to acknowledge sponsors. You will be able to meet your mandate of Green Responsible Meetings with very little or no extra cost, simply by choosing the FCC.

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